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We are serious about sensory deprivation, with increasing popularity we have seen elaborate new tanks that look like something from outer space, outfitted with lights, and ipod hook ups, but this commercialization is getting away from the purity of the experience. At Astral Float Spa we are committed to providing the experience as it was meant to be, floatation with the absence of light and sound. Since all we do is floation you can count on the tanks being maintained at the highest standards in the industry. I've heard all the stories from other centers that offer floatation as another service in their full service spa and these tanks aren't being maintained properly, meaning bouyancy is not being checked daily allowing floaters to sink in the tank and ruining the experience, or water not maintained for proper PH or Alkalinity.

All rooms have their own private showers so you can be comfortable in the privacy of your own room as you prepare for your experience.